Sunday 19 May 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; Money Too Tight To Mention.

LEONG Seng Wui has been snubbed by wealth private investors, that no longer are willing to give Victor Chin Boon Long or his boy a blank cheque, attached with a gigantic benefit of the doubt dose.

MUST be that the smart money,  and the old money are now convinced it is no longer an if but just a matter of when, the once feared personalities christened as the Corporate Mafia, are put to sleep.

APPARENTLY, money is too to even mention, with friends  distance themselves, while wealth investors are no longer keen to finance their causes.

LARGELY due to the odds of the Corporate Mafia delivering on their promises, are being overwhelmed that the dye has ben cast, the notorious gin bang gang are high  on the purge list.

CONSIDER the following, the Leong Seng Wui led Revenue Group informed the stock exchange, READ it expects to raise RM13 million from its private placement exercise.

EVENTUALLY Revenue Group only managed to raise only RM8.5 million, which is a slap in the face as the group was expecting to pocket a minimun of RM10 million in the worst case scenario.

CAN'T blame investors for showing the middle finger to Leong Seng Wui and his master, considering there are too many trails left behind by tbe Corporate Mafia.

 MONEY raised from private placements are being used to keep Corporate Mafia members away  from  real debt, they cant justify or even payback, incurred from share financubf becausea  substantial amount of money haa ⁶been used for share financing..

TAKE the case of Revenue lending out money to Chin Boon Long's Low Yat Plaza crew to acquire shares in VIEW : Ingenieur Bhd.

MEET the not so meticulously competent SIN Chin Chai, the recipient of close to nearly RM2 million or a just lightly below quarter of of the RM8.5 million, Revenue Group socilitated from the public.

SIN also has a huge financial burden listed with Velocity Capital, to help margin finance his stake in INGENIEUR.

ITS not a SIN to seek margin financing but it is definitely an ethics crime to keep using publicly solicited money , to prevent Chin Boon Long and his crew, from bleeding, and then drowning  in a SEA OF RED INK.