Friday 31 May 2024

From Reformasi to No Viral No Justice

REFORMASI, just say that word any where in Malaysia, and they will associate it with the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim.

WHAT most Malaysians are unaware of, is that the REFORMASI movement in Malaysia, was a copy, cut and paste job, from the original REFORMASI movement,demanding a regime change which originated from Indonesia.

SOME, today will falsely claim that because Anwar Ibrahim, has very close and good friends from Indonesia, he merely plagiarized the entire concept.

I, however think other wise, and that despite both sides won't be willing to admit it, the Indonesians and the Malays here tend to watch closely what's happening in the other',s backyard, and  then mimick it .

IF I am correct in my assessment then the current  FIVE year old movement that's on fire in Indonesia, READ : a people led movement called No Viral, No Justice is about to hit Malaysia like a Tsunami.

WE already saw a semblance of it, in our own Kitajagakita movement, but inview of what has been taking place on the ground now such as READ : the case of the e hailing driver, one suspects, Malaysia's reformer, Anwar Ibrahim,is going to get a taste of his own medicine not far down the road, with our own version of  no viral  no justice.