Sunday 26 May 2024

Between An Idiot and a Moron, the Line is too Close to Call

SO it is settled then, that between the UiTM students and the Malaysian media, READ : the biggest idiot is the Malaysian press.

ON, May 18, i had taken the Malaysian media to task for not grilling the UiTM student council for being on the wrong side of LOGIC.

THE law of LOGIC is such, I opined the UiTM  students are protesting for something which is actually a very common reaccurance in UiTM ; the enrollment of foreign students including those from communist China into post graduate programmes.

SUBSEQUENTLY, i had shown prove the   Parallel Pathway is a post graduate programme, MEANING the UiTM senate had long decided, KEEPING the Univerrsity , Bumiputra only, is confined only for the Undergraduate programme.

OBVIOUSLY, the UiTM student council don't wish to be identified as a not knowledgeable bunch, VIEWhave started to backtrack on some of their statements.

THIS leaves Muhammad Akmal Saleh, looking a lot like a used snake oil salesman in search of ACCEPTANCE wihout really having even some form off basic knowledge on the issue at hand.