Saturday 18 May 2024

UiTM, ESG, MADANI ....the list just goes on and on

WHO is the bigger idiot? Is it the UiTM student representative council spokesman Amir Nur Rashid, or the Malaysian press? 

IDENTIFYING, who the biggest idiot here is a real hard call,as hard as weighing up if UMNO Youth head Muhammad Akmal Saleh is a blatant racist or just a MORON. READ : Parallel pathway: UiTM must remain for bumi only, Akmal says.

AMIR Nur Rashid, obviously is either not a bright child or a very manipulative one, which the entire Malaysian press has given a free pass, either due to a lack of courage or a lack of knowledge.

THE READ : Parallel Pathway is a post graduate programme, which means the UiTM senate had long decided, KEEPING the Univerrsity , Bumiputra only, is confined only for the Undergraduate programme.

MIND you, foreign students studying in UiTM are not based on religious lines either, with a lot of mainland chinamen among its post graduate students.

AND mind you too, the UiTM Malay students are not racist a lot. The  All Black Attire from the student council only got less than 3,000 student twitter support from a base of more than 160,000 students.

THE majority Malay voice have been hijacked leaving UiTM's ESG mantra and Malaysian Madani frame work sounding like Manis Hanya Di Bibir, Bila Ada Perlunya.