Friday 3 May 2024

Malaysia, Yang Manis itu Bukan Gula...

SOME people called him turtle head, while others called him LEMBIK, and now today a vast majority of us , are secretly saying in our hearts ; di saat ada maunya, baik baik sahaja, selepas itu RACUN TIKUS  !

FEELS like the raw end of an increasingly venomous rat poison , as Malaysian come to terms that under the so called reformist Government led by Pakatan Harapan READ : not only have press freedom freefall 34 spots to 107 place, but for the first time in donkey years, Malaysia did not emerge as with the freeest press in South East Asia.

COMPARE this to the time of the very under rated stewardship of Ismail Sabri, who had put up with online insults such as LEMBIK and Turtle head, when our freedom of press READ : soared to 73rd place from 133 before, largely due to the good work done by Ismail Sabri.

YES  the same Ismail Sabri which Malaysians dumped despite the then premier refusing to interfere in the Najib Razak court case, while on the economic front, under Ismail Sabri's leadership READ : the economy grew at its strongest pace in the current century