Friday 17 May 2024

I said it, You Ignored it, Now Malaysia is Witness To it.

I said, not once but threw times in two months, that when you spare the rod, you are  going to spoil the child.

BUT the votes were cast based on racial lines and we are still stuck with a Prime Minister READ : Yang Gajah di hadapan mata tak nampak, kuman di seberang lautan nampak.

SPARE the rod, and you not only spoil the child, but solidifies Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary Prime Minister of Singapore mantra of READ : No Cain, No Gain.

I am NOT  here to point fingers on who is responsible for READ : what happened in Johor today, but to ask the Prime Minister of Malaysia ; HOW COME BAD HATS HAVE SUDDENLY BECOME SO BRAVE IN OUR COUNTRY?