Wednesday 15 May 2024

State of the Nation is in a state of shock

IS  Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the first Malaysian Prime Minister, to have READ : several of his post, meeting the Hamas leadership by the likes of Facebook, censored .

IF he is, then this is a problem between Facebook and Anwar Ibrahim,  but it only becomes a bit of our problem when READ : Fahmi Fadzil proudly acknowledges that some Malaysian political parties could have links with the military unit of Palestinian party Hamas.

WHO are these outstanding Malaysian political parties with ties with the Military wing of Hamas, is something of great interest to law abiding citizens of this land. 

AND has this relationship in anyway, has had an effect on foreigner's READ : selling off a record 16 per cent of their entire Government bond holdings in the first four months of this year?

YES folks a record RM4 billion of those nice interest paying bonds have been dumped, leaving the total foreign bond holdings in Malaysia to now stand at a puny RM21 billion.

WHY is this so hard to tummy up? Well because successive Governments in Putrajaya  have done their very BEST to ensure READ : wages for first generation blue collar workers foreign workers in Malaysia, remains as competitive as possible with Singapore, and even higher than that of Thailand.

AND if you think, I am pulling your leg with regards of Malaysia being close to Singapore class for first generation blue collar workers, read the following report very closely. READ : the bottom end construction worker from Bangladesh in Singapore earns RM1737 today as opposed to his counter part in Malaysia, who earns RM1500.

YES, taking an interest in what is going on several thousand miles away from Malaysia, is a good thing, as it teaches us about humanity, just like taking good care of foreigner blue collar workers benefits is also a part of humanity.

BUT let's not be the laughing stock of other nations, who in hushed voices will be saying in their native language, with what I only know in my language as ; Anak kera di hutan disusui, anak sendiri di rumah kebuluran.