Thursday 23 May 2024

The Dirty Harry For Online Betting, Has Arrived.

IF there is a will to do so, then there will definitely be away to get the job done in a timely, consistent, credible and efficient manner.

SINCE the middle of last week, Touch N Go, the country's largest e wallet manager with a user base in excess of 20 million users has emerged as the unlikeliest hero in the war against illegal online gambling.

TOUCH  Go,  which has some 1.7 million merchants hooked to its grid, have effectively blocked all the major illegal gaming sites proxy Touch N Go accounts,  from being able to receive payments via the Touch N Go pin frame work.

IN just a matter of days, Touch N Go, without much funfair have been able to do, what the current leadership has failed to do so ;  inflict a serious body blow to the RM20 billion a illicit online betting sector. READ : Government losing RM5 billion and counting yearly due to the rampant and publicly known illegal gaming sites.

STRANGELY enough, gamers can still transfer money  via bank transfers or use mobile top ups with impunity to transfer money to the illegal game operators