Monday 13 May 2024

MMAG Bhd ; Ada Berani Mahu Naik Esok?

VICTOR Chin Boon Long's  MMAG Bhd, was up 17 Sen to 37 sen, on yet another of the Corporate Mafia's wet dreams on Sri Lanka.

IT all started when Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's Mandarin speaking Caucasian boy READ : Russell Walter Boyd, became the READ : CEO of Sarawak Cable.

SARAWAK Cable soon saw it's share price shoot up, in similar manner as MMAG Bhd, READ : a Sri Lanka deal that eventually never did take off.

THAT being said, I gather MMAG has aspirations for the share price to go up , which is why VIEW: Kenny Khow Chuan Wah had to resign as executive director in a hurry.

NOW if the stock price of MMAG were to rise further it will only draw attention to Kenny Khow Chuan Wah ..... won't it????