Monday 20 May 2024

Wag The Dog @ the expense of UiTM.

THE  revolving story of UiTM opening up its READ : cardiothoracic surgery postgraduate training programme to non-bumiputera trainees,  is a sad one.

THE victim here though, is the unlikeliest character, that might just top the list of the non Bumiputra's view of the most racist university funded by tax payer money.

SO how is it then UiTM has ended up looking like a bunch of zealot's coming out from the previous Apartheid regime in South Africa?

WAG the dog, literally means to stir up either a non issue or a small issue and blow it up into a bread and butter issue that reasonate with the man on the street.

AND so UiTM has been abused as pawn, it's image among non Malays lowered and among city going Malays a name they are embarrassed to be associated with.

ALL because of public perception narrative  to convince the Malay masses, that the people they have refused, are the ones they should choose in GE16.