Saturday 4 May 2024

Microsoft Corp's RM2.4 billion Malaysian Government Contract.

MICROSOFT Corp, the world's largest company by market capitalisation, decision  READ to invest US$2.2 bln in cloud and AI services in Malaysia, looks like it was spurred by  a contract estimated to be valued at RM2.4 billion from the Government of Malaysia.

THERE is nothing remotely wrong in the Government trying up such a deal with the American company.

WHAT is wrong here is in the way, the Madani Government communicated the Microsoft investment into Malaysia, especially READ : on the matter of creating 300,000 job opportunities via training, shows a level of insecurity.

INSECURE, because we are only being served with half the story, and that too a fully sugar coated story.

THE current going rate for such upskilling expertise via HRD Corp to the trainer, in this case being Microsoft Corp is LAPAN RIBU RINGGIT SATU KEPALA.