Saturday 25 May 2024

Revenue Group Bhd's, chairman Kamari Zaman Juhari, The Sun Doesn't Always Shine on TV.

THE  term the sun always shines on TV, refers to the power of media on how it often appears brighter and shinier than real life.

WATCHING the Revenue Group Chairman Kamari Zaman Juhari , the then chairman but now according to the Quantum Metal website , demoted to director VIEW : hard sell on his previous work with Bank Negara to promote Quantum Metal in July 2022, is truly an art an by itself.

IF i wanted to be picky, I could state that hey Kamari Zaman Juhari, you do have an ex state assemblymen linked to Azmin Ali in Quantum Metal, but you CERTAINLY never did MENGUBAL DASAR because only Parliament has the right to do so.

BUT, I am not here to be picky. Rather it is very interesting that the former director of fraud related  investigation at Bank Negara Malaysia, was hard selling Quantum Metal on July 2022, as the company's chairman.

ALL this talk of integrity by  Kamari Zaman Juhari , at the same time, when Indonesia's financial Service Authority's Special Task Force known as READ : Satgas Waspada Investasi, had on June 2022, banned Quantum Metal as an illegal investment scheme open to fraud.

SO, Bank Negara Malaysia, what were you doing around June 2022, in the era of internet connection and communication about this matter?

YOU did nothing, Bank Negara Malaysia. Is it because, your investigation team on fraud, is by far a fraud in itself, to the extent the Royal Malaysian Police have to publicly plead  with READ : the central bank to requlate gold investment schemes.

THE story though, does not end here. Despite, Kamari Zaman Juhari helming Quantum Metal, an entity the Indonesian Government says runs illegal scheme, Bank Negara Malaysia, found it perfectly READ : all right to allow Kamari Zaman Juhari to become the chairman of Revenue Group, a financial service company

AND what had happened, after the, now which can only be termed as THE NOTORIOUS Kamari Zaman Juhari, was sitting pretty as the chairman of Revenue Group?

LET the record state RM62.59 million had flowed into Revenue Group, via inflated warrant conversion by non substantial shareholders of Revenue Group, in what can only be described as MONEY LAUNDERING, because there is no economic sense to justifty in the inflow.

WHAT was Bank Negara Malaysia's public reaction that money derived from illegal schemes has been flowing into a financial service company listed on Bursa Malaysia?  NOTHING.

KAMARI Zaman Juhari, is however getting cold feet, because although he can rely on his previous subordinates at Bank Negara Malaysia and mutual benefit friends in the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, the investigative team, formed on the instructions of the Prime Minister are not so ACCOMMODATING.

KAMARI Zaman Juhari,is now seeking to distance himself from Quantum Metal. The resignation letter had been long sent, just that Quantum Metal hadn't up dated their website.

AND if you are wondering, who is that Azmin Ali linked PKR politician in Quantum Metal, it is none other than Tian Chua's lawyer, the ex Penang state assemblymen for Kebun Bunga, who prides himself as a founding member of KEADILAN and also as human rights activist.