Tuesday 7 May 2024

Bank Negara Malaysia, Depan Ada Laut, Mana mahu lari

APA khabar Bank Negara Malaysia, boleh tolong jawap soalan berikut, khususnya tentang Quantum Metal dan Revenue Group Bhd.

1) WHY did the Australian Reserve Bank, which is the central bank of Australia reject wire transfers from Quantum Metal?  

IS it because they suspect poor B40, Malays hard work and honest earned money, were subject to fraud under the watch of Quantum Metal?

2) IF this is indeed the case, how come some Caucasian people are more interested in protecting the interest of our people, then our own central bank?

3) CAN you, Bank Negara Malaysia immediately ring up the Reserve Bank of Australia and find out why the Australian Banks had closed off all the banking accounts of Quantum Metal in Australia.  Just to give you a heads up, banks normally close a client's account if they suspect fraud or money laundering activities have taken place.

4) BANK Negara Malaysia, in line with the principals and concepts of ESG, can you kindly find out how come, Quantum Metal can afford to send RM120 million to Australia into Besra Gold, a company listed on the Australian stock exchange , but cannot pay back the money they took from the mostly B40 muslim community in Malaysia.

5) AND apparently, Quantum Metal are delirious in sending another RM46 million to Australia, but their attempts were stopped by the Austtalian authorities.

NOW  you might ask me if I can substantiate any of the five points above. YES indeed, I can. Please refer to the following links.

6) ISRA Consulting, the first shariah based auditors sanctioned by Bank Negara Malaysia, could not locate the so called 31 tonnes of 999 Gold owned by Quantum Metal as claimed by Quantum Metal, can you kindly call up, the firm that replaced ISRA Consulting, on  why they haven't released the full audit report on the supposed gold owner ship by Quantum Metal.

7) This is a some what hypothetical question. Since your former staff Kamari Zaman is the chairman of Revenue Group Bhd, and also a director in Quantum Metal, can you please investigate to acertain if the READ ; RM64 million which went into Revenue Group Bhd, via warrant conversions that made no economic sence, is in anyway linked to Quantum Metal