Wednesday 29 May 2024

PADU, BUDI, MADANI and Sambalado...

SAMBALADO  is a Minangkabau, beef dish known for its chilling spiciness, befitting the Malay saying Siapa Yang Makan Cili , dia yang rasa pedas.

THE best time to know that you have landed in the crack pot zone is  when you have ministers treating voters like idiots.

MISSED out my foot, it was more like READ : the majority of Malaysians did not want anything to do with PADU 

is actually nothing fundamentally wrong with what the Government is attempting to do via the slashing of subsidies starting with fuel as a major ticker.

WHAT is definitely flawed and not in the INTEREST of the MAN on the STREET is that the subsidy cuts are not being met with the abolishment of critical components of the Approved Permit business.

AUTOMOTIVE  purchases are a major purchase ticker in most Malaysian households, who are being forced to pay prices far exceeding then consumers in the USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

RAFIZI Ramli has not kept his word on removing READ : the unfair and artificial barriers associated with the inflated AP business.

FIRST,  it was August 2023, than pushed to either December 2023 or January 2024, with all those deadlines passing without any action. 

JUNE 2024, is almost here, and the Government who wants to cut subsidies for Malaysians, have done nothing to get rid of the AP hangmen's nooze around Malaysians NECK.

GIVE them enough rope,and they may even ask us to go eat CAKE.