Wednesday 29 May 2024

The Securities Commission of Malaysia, snared by the Ides of March .

THERE are many types of people in this world, but eventually we can draw it down to two distinctive type of personality.

THE doers, are the type who won't talk much about their game plan or the actions they have taken in advance to achieve a certain metrics.

SO who or what is a good example of a doer in Malaysia?

MEET the Royal Malaysian Police Force. Notice how fast and efficient the police are these days, READ  : ' in nabbing and charging two CIDs who attempted to close a gun related case .

THE police force , to its credit no longer is ashamed to call out fellow regulators who are sleeping on the job. READ : Cops urge Bank Negara to draw up rules on gold investment schemes.

NOW, the opposite to the doer is the TALKER , that almost always never delivers.  Meet the Securities Commission of Malaysia, the undisputed king of delivering NOTHING.

A day before the ides of March, which falls on the 15th of March, the Securities Commission READ ,: ,media point men on stand by, so that it can be chronicled to Malaysians that the Securities Commission is actually doing its job. 

NOTICE how professional the police are these days. They only do raids once they have all the required information and evidence in hand for the AG's office to take the matter to court .

ONE suspects, the Securities Commission 's raid at Plaza Lien Hoe, has all the malaise of the ides of March ; Misfortune and DOOM..

IF this is indeed not the case, then the likes of. Victor Chin Boon Long and Kenneth Vun Yun Lun, who have offices and businesses inside of Plaza Lien Hoe, , would have long been charged in a court of law