Monday 6 May 2024

The Corporate Mafia's Quantum Problem ; In the begining there was Classita Bhd.

CLASSITA Bhd, prior to the Corporate Mafia's questionable on the company was known as Caely Holdings  Bhd.

CAELY' executive chairman and major stakeholder was READ : Louis Ng Chun Hau, who also happens to be the founder and face of Public Gold Group.

COULD Corporate Mafia which is synonymous with Victor Chin Boon Long, have targeted Caely Holdings as part of a bitter turf war between Quantum Metal and Public Gold.?

DETAILS on that matter, will only be disclosed after August 2024,  but consider the following as a hors d'oeuvre appetiser before the main course.

WHO did the Corporate Mafia appoint as chairman of Revenue Group Bhd, once they had taken over the company in a rather dubious manner? 

WELL none other than READ : Kamari Zaman Juhari of Quantum Metal.

IS that the only link between, Classita and Quantum Metal? I am afraid not. Quantum Metal's chairman VIEW : Mazlan Lazim was also a director in Classita in 2022. Additionally Quantum Metal claims Mazlan has a senior role in MCMC

WHAT is Mazlan Lazim famous for? Well I will only tell you, what he is famous for in 2024, as for the years before that, you need to Google it yourself.

FOR 2024, Mazlan is not only famous for being the chairman of Quantum Metal but he is also famous for being the READ : independent chairman of Rapid Synergy

YES,  the same Rapid Synergy which has seen it's share price fall to RM29.50 on Dec 22 2023, to 70 sen today, losing more than RM2.9 billion of its value.

IRONICALLY just around the same time when the Australian Reserve Bank started refusing money  transfers from Quantum METAL.