Saturday 25 May 2024

Ismail Sabri, Jangan Jadi Soh Chai

ISMAIL Sabri, who is perhaps, Malaysia's most underrated Prime Minister of all time, looks to be on a one track mind to win hands down the title of being the dumbest  Malaysian Prime Minster of all time.

IT is one thing for the likes of Muhammad Akmal Saleh to position himself as the last good Malay man standing, considering he is now VIEW ; denying he is a major actor in an on going corruption case linked to the former Home Minister of Malaysia.

WHAT is there, for tempers to flare, when there  READ : are already more than 4342 foreign nationality students doing post graduate programmes, which makes it absolutely INSANE to prevent Malaysians who are not legally defined as Bumiputra to apply to join post graduate courses at the University.

IF, Ismail Sabri truly believes in an iota of what he said, that UiTM must be reserved  exclusively for Bumiputras only, then the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia should explain why when in office, he sat  like a John Jenin and did nothing to dismiss the 4342 non Bumiputra students whoes loyalty to Malaysia is SUSPECT .