Tuesday 7 May 2024

Reporters Without Borders, Gold Standard My Foot!

WHEN  will Anwar Ibrahim realise, that having Fahmi Fadzil as communications minister, and chief Government spokesman is a waste of time and a waste of money?

CONSIDER the following carefully, Fahmi Fadzil told Malaysia  that  the , READ : Govt will study RSF's proposals to improve media freedom index position and subsequently, the Government have engaged with the Reporters Without Borders.

NOW if Fahmi Fadzil had really studied the report by the Reporters Without Borders, he would have noticed that READ : Burkina Faso, which is run by a military dictatorship had been ranked much higher than Malaysia at number 86 in the Reporters Without Borders Freedom of Press Index.

DOES anyone with a sane mind, can actually believe or even trust that a dictatorship, which does not even accord the basic rights for its citizens to vote, have more freedom than you and I? 

BY engaging with Reporters Without Borders, what is the signal Fahmi Fadzil, is sending to the world? 

THAT Malaysia accepts the Reporters Without Borders so called factuality that Burkina Faso is a much better place than my country?  

WITH a minister like Fahmi Fadzil, my country, Malaysia, definitely does not need any ENEMIES to slur our NATIONAL PRIDE and IMAGE.