Sunday 19 May 2024

BDS Malaysia, Watch Out For That Tree.

IN George of the jungle fashion, BDS Malaysia, the noisy boycott king , who have been making a killing from donations better watch  that tree called Malaysia Airports.

HAVING successfully bullied Mcdonald's despite, it's Malaysia operations  being owned READ : by Arabs since 2016, BDS Malaysia, also gave READ : KFC owners QSR Bhd a bloody nose, resulting in more than 100 outlets in Malaysia, stopping operations.

IT was at this point, I really started noticing BDS Malaysia, that they really don't give a F ABOUT MALAYSIANS.

IMAGINE, 100 KFC outlets, had to stop coz BDM Malaysia engineered the campaign. Yet when the mostly Malay Muslims were out of a job, and left high and dry, BDS Malaysia, didn't even bother to do a campaign to get those poor souls hired elsewhere.

WHY is that so BDS Malaysia? Are our tears and suffering , acceptable, required and ignored, for your cause, which is actually raising tonnes of donation money, that goes mostly for operational expenses, which includes a nice monthly hefty salary.

HERE is the catch now. BDS Malaysia, you do know , merely READ : issuing a half hearted sheepish No against BlackRock potentially managing Malaysia Airports that that juicy Airport in Turkey IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

WHERE are your street protest, internet shaming , Tik Tok pressure against the Minister of Finance Inc which calls the shots at Malaysia Airports.

ARE you afraid, BDS Malaysia, if you even attempt to F around with the Minister of Finance Inc,how you actually spend the million donated to you, ends up becoming the topic of the WEEK?