Monday 13 May 2024

MMAG Bhd's announcement to Bursa Malaysia is DECEPTIVE

SRI Lankan businessmen, R.M. Manivannan who controls Supreme Global Holdings Ltd, soon could find his good name trashed into the conmen shit hole, due to the irresponsible and deceptive announcment by MMAG Bhd to the stock exchange.

IN a statement to the stock exchange yesterday, MMAG Bhd, claimed READ : Supreme Global is currently engaged in the acquisition of Sri Lankan Airlines is mischievous and down right in accurate.

SO whoelse has participated in this so called expression of interest to take over Sri Lankan Airlines?  

WELL, none other than, Malaysia's very own READ: Capital A Bhd, the parent of Air Asia, as well as Dharshaan Elite Investment Holding (Pvt) Ltd, FITS Aviation (Private) Ltd, Sherisha Technologies Private Ltd, Treasure Republic Guardians Ltd and local conglomerate Hayleys PLC.

NOTICE how MMAG states that the agreement with the Sri Lanka party shall lapse by either party with a written notice of 60 days.

INTERESTINGINGLY, MIDF Research in the NST report above states, that it may take up to 120 days or four months before the SRi  LANKA GOVERNMENT decides on who will be given the right to acquire the airline.

SO how now Bursa Malaysia?  Maybe You guys since have so much free time, should call up the Sri Lanka embassy in Kuala Lumpur to get the exact details