Sunday 26 May 2024

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement of Malaysia Dah Mula Takut Dengan Bayang Bayang Sendiri.

IT must be purely a co incidence that after READ : I had written that BDS Malaysia, which is filled with foreigners haven't done a damn thing to find replacement jobs for the mostly Malaysian Muslims, who have lost jobs due to 100 KFC outlets having shut down, a massive damage control exercise has been put in place.

THE boycott movement's response has been to play the victim, by stating READ : BDS Malaysia had never called for the boycott of KFC.

I am not going to use the point, where a lot of BDS sympathetic cyber troopers had urged Malaysians to just follow the global BDS boycott list to implicate BDS Malaysia.

RATHER, i am going to URGE  BDS Malaysia to start using some of its brain cells, rather than just run a movement on the suffering of others, to live a life of luxury . VIEW : Pizza Hut on the BDS Malaysia boycott list

BDS Malaysia, please stand up and tell the world who owns Pizza Hut ?  

ALAMAK,  KFC and Pizza Hut  are owned by the same company in the USA and in Malaysia, it is run by the same franchise owner.

SO BDS Malaysia, what is it Pizza Hut did that KFC did not do? Or are we to believe that, Yum and the Malaysian franchise owner has the incredible personality of Dr David Banner, who doesn't recall what he does when he is transformed into the incredible hulk.

SO BDS Malaysia, why do you think I am purposely picking on you?

WELL, because WHERE are your street protest, internet shaming , Tik Tok pressure against the Minister of Finance Inc which calls the shots at Malaysia Airports over possible sale to an organisation that has proven links to BLACKROCK.

ARE you afraid, BDS Malaysia, if you even attempt to F around with the Minister of Finance Inc,how you actually spend the million donated to you, ends up becoming the topic of the WEEK?

SO what is my advise for you, BDS Malaysia ?

Sendiri mahu ingat
Rambut sendiri sikat
Kusut lama tak sihat
Bagaimana dengan kamu?