Thursday 2 May 2024

The civil service wage drama

IS the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim indirectly attempting to infer that by raising the wages of the civil servant he is hoping not to be booted out of office when either voters exercise their right in GE16 or Parliament Members do so when they please?

ONE can't run away from exploring such a possibility, considering the Prime Minister has openly stated READ I want to ask, which MP wants to object to this notion? If they do, we will throw them out at the next elections.

WITH the expected raise, poised to take place in December,  bottom end civil servants in Malaysia, will take home a minimum of RM2000, which is about RM601 less than what a Bangladesh construction worker in Singapore earns before overtime.

THE gap in wages between the Singapore Bangladesh worker and the Malaysian civil servant,  hardly meets the expectation of those who believed READ : Nga Kor Ming's promise, if Pakatan Harapan were to rule Malaysia, Singaporeans will flock to work in Malaysia due to the strength of the economy

BUT, hey dont go lambasting Nga Kor Ming just yet, because as Malaysians we can rejoice that under Pakatan Harapan rule, legislations have been kept firm to make sure atleast BANGLADESH workers in Malaysia gets paid a world class starting salary.

IN Singapore the starting salary of a Bangladesh construction  worker is READ : between RM2601 and RM1737 base wage, effectively meaning when compared to minimum wage of RM1500 by law in Malaysia for Bangladesh workers, the difference with the core base level wage for a Bangladeshi worker in Singapore is a a mere US 50 DOLLARS.