Friday 3 May 2024

Pakatan Harapan, naik seperti semut, turun seperti ribut.

ANWAR  Ibrahim hasn't failed as Prime Minister, and overall he has done a decent job , to keep the wheels intact, without any personal financial scandals involving the Prime Minister and his immediate family.

WHILE the Prime Minister, has his heart in the right place , he is being let down by a lack of real talent within Pakatan Harapan, as well as the Prime Minister himself fading into the back ground, when leadership was required.

THE Prime Minister, could have won the respect and perhaps even the support of the civil servant voter, if had taken the bull by 5ts horns, when READ : Tourism Minister Tiong King Song demoted the Tourism Malaysia DG.

NOW, that the DG has been marginalised, and Tiong King Song has a free hand, from Jan 2024 to April 2024, READ : Thailand received 11.95 million foreign tourist , as opposed to only 5.8 million foreign tourist arrival in Malaysia.

SALARY increases aren't going to win over the civil servants. They like the rest of Malaysia, have been watching how a performing director general was allowed to be thrown to the wolf's lair.

ON the converse,  the Agriculture Ministry's Director General for paddy Azman Mahmood still has his plump job, even after he  READ : has been accused of lying at a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister by the MP for Bukit Gantang.

AZMAN Mahmood who is also a director in Bernas, hasnt even been publicly sanctioned despite the obvious ; that too many of his statements previously  have been dubious. READ : Azman Mahmood terlalu BERNAS...