Monday 20 May 2024

When Malaysia had two good women and one good man

iN a matter of days, at best weeks,Geely Auto, China's, second largest automaker will announce a comprehensive working and operational plan appointing Syed Mokthar's DRB Hicom Bhd as its contract manufacturer.

IN a nutshell, Geely Auto will tap into DRB Hicom's excess manufacturing vacancies to produce right hand automotive drives targeted for the Asian and Australia markets

GEELY will benefit greatly by being in Malaysia, cutting its import tax payments by as much as 88 per cent .

REST assured,  Prime Minister will be there when all this is officially announced, and best be assured too,there will be fresh hymns on  the China Malaysia love story.

HOW can it be love, when the Low Taek Jho story , alive or unalived is on open display, that we must ask ourself, what is stopping Malaysia from receiving Low Taek Jho.

KNOWING what we know now, that 1MDB was much more than a white collar crime, our two women heros , must surely have been built different, yet after the initial euphoria they too seem to be forgotten.

SO why is all this relevant today? Well because in Singapore, a judge showed Malaysia, what it is missing ; LEADERSHIP.

WHAT lesson can the Prime Minister  learn from this ? 

WELL for starters, from the Najib Razak pardon, to the re-emergence of Amin the Bangla, to the attacks on footballers, to the attacks on the Ringgit, the buck stops with ANWAR IBRAHIM.