Monday 6 September 2021

Bursa Malaysia's Gambit for the Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group, Goes Down in SMOKE, with a little help from The Edge and a 2.56 minutes You Tube Clip to the market with this MESSAGE : Don't Shut Me Down

is a song just released by Swedish quartet ABBA. Having witnessed  at close hand the miracle of Istanbul , and Liverpool's perseverance from 30 years of humiliation to finally reclaim its throne in 2020 .

And now a group of 70 year Olds  bossing Tik Tok, You Tube, Spotify and MTV  at the same time, by just being themselves, what I have learned is never count the good man down, for against all odds, he will be back in the high life again.

Which is why I am mighty relieved that Serba Dinamik is not asking for blind faith from its legions of retail supporters that indeed all is well with the COMPANY on a day, the company had been asked by the stock exchange to make a facing saving statement .

The statement itself is a clear indication  that Bursa Malaysia was trying to safe the face of Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group CEO Devanesan Evanson was WRITING GARBAGE when he wrote READ ; Awaiting Serba’s SIR report: When no news is not necessarily good news.

Why did I say GARBAGE or in Malay SAMPAH ?

I believe it would be fair to say
"You look bewildered"
And you wonder why I'm here today
And so you should, I would
When I left I felt, I've had enough
But, in the shape and form I appear now
I have learned to cope, and love and hope is why I am here nowAnd now you see another me, I've been reloaded, yeah I'm fired up,

We now can see clearly that Bursa Malaysia by forcing an announcement out from Serba Dinamik on the independent reviewer was not acting in good faith, but rather to paint a FALSE PICTURE to the masses that its Serba Dinamik's wrong in not providing updates on the EY special report.

If Bursa Malaysia thinks that  forcing out a statement from the powerless Serba Dinamik, was a good move,  well its the laugh is on you  Bursa Malaysia.