Monday 6 September 2021

Najib & Muhyiddin: Suara Kaki Lima

is a 2007 song from Pop Shuvit featuring  the hip hop band Ahli Fiqir. 

The broad context   of Suara Kaki Lima  can be interpreted in English as the voice of the man on the street; Joe Public .

Terus-terus kita diasak, didesak, menurut kehendak, rentak, corak gerak
Tidak berhenti sejenak,
Sudah tiba masanya untuk bertindak,
Tiada lagi perlu basa basi laguku diminta diperhati,
Dianak tiri telah berkali.

Funny isn't  it, no matter who many times we spin the wheel, we get the same thing.  

One man who is surely is feeling the heat of spinning the wheel and getting the same thing must be Najib Razak.

Najib Razak went for broke READ ;  Najib Razak's . I'm gonna tear your playhouse down.  

He certainly did tear Muhyiddin Yassin's playhouse down but now Najib's online followers are beginning to turn on him because of his ELEGANT SILENCE on social media. 

Check out the comments below 

ELEGANT SILENCE  is never a good option in Malaysian politics,. Guns  may soon be trained at Pakatan Nasional's strong man,  wironically is also among its weakest link atThe KAKI LIMA'S  across West Malaysia . 

Muhyiddin Yassin  is of course trying to rebuild  his relationship with the Kaki Lima READ : Bantu peniaga kecil antara isu bakal dibincangkan MPN: Muhyiddin

That rebuilding could derail  READ ;

The issue hasn't  really dominated the headlines yet, but my hunch is it WILL .

Each player knows, they no longer set the tune, but rather must play to the tune of the Kaki Lima. Failure to do so, will result in the player becoming  TOAST.