Tuesday 28 September 2021

BURSA Yang DIAM ; Serba Dinamik or KAB, who will own : WEDNESDAY

is from the youngest person on record to win a full scholarship  to study at John Hopkins UniversityTori Amos managed that feat when she was only five years old,  but  she only managed to discover pop stardom in her 30's.  

Wednesday is taken from the Gold certified  Scarlet's Walk album which was released in 2001 after the September 9 11 attacks on the USA.

So who will OWN  Wednesday?  Certainly NOT 

the market regulator  Bursa Malaysia who is still silent on how we should interpret Ismail Sabri's statement in Parliament .

Whatever they are inhaling over there at Putrajaya, I DON'T  WANT  IT,  because from the look of it, it can create MEMORY LOSS.

Thumbelina size ten on a Wednesday
So we go from year to year with secrets we've been keeping
Though you say
 you're not a Templar man
You tell me to cheer up, you suspect we're oddly even
Even still the Eagle has LANDED

SOME may still recall how MALAYS  at Kampung Baru are still getting a RAW deal  while sitting on a piece of land at the heart of Ampang, which is basically the main hub of Kuala Lumpur.

They are getting a raw deal, because the said land is gazzeted as Malay reserve land, meaning a Malay can only sell the land to a fellow Malay.

Theoretically, Ismail Sabri's  plan could well mean that Malays can only sell their shares  to a fellow Malay.

How is this beneficial to a working class Malay man or women is beyond  me because the Chinese and Indians and all those lain lain people can sell their shares to a Malay man, a French women or even to a communist nation. 

Hence the Malay shares will be catogrised  as B shares because not every Tom,  DICK and Harry who has got money to burn can buy them. 

 As we all know that with lower demand, prices  too will come down effectively meaning the Malay owned shares will have a lower value than the non Malay shares.

How does this BENEFIT the working class Malay, is beyond me. Times have changed, BURSA MALAYSIA  as the market regulator should advise the Prime Minister likewise, but if it does now have the testicles to do that, then the least it can do is to go knock some sence into Tengku Zafrul,  the Finance Minister.

NOW  that we are certain that Bursa Malaysia 

 will not own Wednesday , could it then be SERBA DINAMIK ? READ ; Serba Dinamik will ANNOUNCE ITS RESULTS THIS WEDNESDAY..There is bound to be action at Serba Dinamik but the real deal  will only  take place once trading is STOPPED. 

That leaves Kejuruteraan Asastera Berhad (KAB) as the odd man out, and according to a Datuk from a well connected political family, great things will happen soon, and in his own words BOILING HOT

 By the way, I find it odd that KAB's URL or Website is under Asastera which is so far off their stock short name KAB.  

SINCE , it has been claimed that great things will happen at a BOILING HOT pace, I suggest the boys start working on RE branding their WEBSITE