Monday 27 September 2021

The Story of Serba Dinamik is being told : Syurga atau Neraka

is a song made popular by  Indonesia's Gadis Mutmut who first gained prominence with the hit Ayo Goyang in 2014.

A brief insight on the Story of Serba Dinamik, leads one to the door steps of Santubong ;

Puteri Santubong puteri sejenjang
Penjaga gunung negeri Sarawak
Manis sik ada dapat dilawan
Anak dak dewa turun kayangan

According to history, Mount Santubong was discovered by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in 1855 while he was collecting specimen in Sarawak. READ ; And Sejenjang was in tears....

But even this piece of history has its hays on shaky grounds, that indeed the anti small pox vaxxer,  Wallace had indeed discovered Santubong READ :Introducing Pengiran Muda Tengah Ibnu Sultan Muhammad Hassan, the First & Last Sultan of Sarawak.

As you can see, the natives are still soul searching and have correctly  wagered that SANTO PETROS indeed has A KEY READ : The PETROS who is NOT A SANTO.

A vital clog of that key is currently held by Muhd Abdul Karim via Serba Dinamik Bhd. A key to reconcile Santubong and Sejenjang, and with that redemption for the natives.

Redemption however comes with a choice of  choosing between SYURA and NERAKA,  a choice which those interested in Serba Dinamik,  even at the lowest level ie trading on  Bursa Malaysia must make TODAY,  in the final 24 hours of  horse trading  in the STORY OF SERBA DINAMIK THAT HAS YET TO BE TOLD ;

Kamu pilih yang mana? 
Mau surga atau neraka? 
Kalau kau pilih surga
Harus rajin beribadah 
Kamu pilih yang mana?
Mau surga atau neraka? 
Kalau pilih neraka....