Saturday 18 September 2021

HIPOKRIT. Pelangi Takkan Timbul Tanpa Hujan

is a song from Noki & MK,  which was released last week. Pelangi Takkan Timbul Tanpa Hujan which basically means the rainbow won't show its face with out the rain.

Pelangi Takkan Timbul Tanpa Hujan
Mudahi Jalan Ku Tanpa Beban
Malam Ku Suram Tanpa Bintang
Sebelum Jumpa Hari Siang
Pelangi Takkan Muncul Tanpa Hujan

UNLIKE the Undi 18,  the rainbow for the solution to the under 17 has been forgotten by the Government of the day,  and shockingly PAS ,  has not said a word of CHILDREN BEING ALLOWED TO GAMBLE .

EITHER they do not know or DO NOT CARE. 

In  the last 18 months,  this matter has been kept under cold storage while China have gone to great lengths  to follow South Korea's move to curb gaming companies such as TenCent and Garena which is part of SEA Ltd's business apart  Shopee.

Games GARENA offer an option called Loot Box. WATCH ; Loot Box encourages GAMBLING among children.


What is PAS doing about this?  NOTHING and when will out government protect our children from gaming addiction?  Take your eyes away from UNDI 18 and protect the 17 year old and below.