Sunday 26 September 2021

Tengku Zafrul. REMEH

is a song from metal group AMUK from it's 2012 HIKAYAT a album..
When will one start to  realise,  that Zafrul is going to unleash the wrong Budget in a wrong environment for Malaysia .

Ada mata pandang
Ada telinga dengar
Ada mulut diam
Ada tangan garu 
Ada kaki goyang
Ada otak pandai q
Ada akal pakai 

Have a look at the writting on the wall,  it is spelt out with clarity, Malaysia  is a shoe in to miss  a once in a life time window of OPPORTUNITY to reset itself.

ENOUGH evidence there to suspect that Zafrul and his  team have their heads stuck in  the wrong hole .

WAKE UP GUYS!!!. REDIRECT the Budget towards  right direction and one can  START by STOPPING  banks and financial institutions from buying back their own shares from the open market. READ :AmBank resumes share buy-backs after three-month hiatus.


Because sharebuy backs by banks proves either there are limited growth opportunities in  Malaysia to lend to,  outside mortgage markets,  or banks are reluctant to lend to risky borrowers  or businesses  which have become a tad riskier due to Covid 19.

THE inexperience of the Finance Minister &  his team are  there for all to SEE. 

WHEN bank are keen merely  to improve on their own ratios or to lend  to the perfect borrower in these extraordinary times.

  THE verage businesses MUST fight for the limited Government schemes,  and if that too is beyond their reach, then their FATE are at the mercy of the MONEY LENDER.