Monday 6 September 2021

Serba Dinamik, Bursa Malaysia & : The Heartbreak anthem

is a song that combines the skills of a French Dj, two Swedish music producer and a British group.  Together they are David Guetta, Galantis &  Little mix which is fast rising on the UK charts.

What is NOT rising though today is the stock market market, although Serba Dinamik virtually written off last week is back from the dead, refusing to sink into the red, holding steady at 41 sen.

The market though is sinking into the red. Yes the key composite is down,  on a day when Singapore, South Korea and Japan are all positive. 

What bothers me more than the key Malaysian index which actually a cornered index,  is the 
depressing state of the non composite equities. VIEW : 1501 Securities has seen ZERO trades TODAY

Sometimes it works out but sometimes it don't
Maybe we'll fix this or maybe we won't
Sometimes a heart can sink like a stone
Until you find home
This ain't a heartbreak anthem (no)
I don't care what happened
But I ain't got no time to dwell on it

Unlike the song,  we must find the time to dwell  on it and care for what has happened.   

Overnight, we are faced with yet a slew of  confidence breaking crisis READ ; 116 NGO's Urge Conference Of Rulers to Intervene and Appoint Tun Mahathir to Muhyiddin's New Job 

Appointing Muhyiddin has not been a confidence stimulator. The Stock market is prove of that and as far as I recall between the AG and the Agong the top gun is our KING.

Things are looking greyer by the hour, and if we do not shape up,  the world will ship us out with a HEART BREAK ANTHEM.   READ : FITCH says 1.6 Million Households May have less than US10K a year disposal income with wages for new jobs coming in at below RM1200 level