Wednesday 8 September 2021

The Story of Serba Dinamik is being told : Black Superman

Is a song originally written  for boxer Joe Bugner  but after he was beaten by Muhammad Ali, Johnny Wakelin redid the song.

The heavyweight champion
who came back again
My face is so pretty
you don't see a scar
Which proves
I'm the king
of the ring by far
Floats like a butterfly
Stings like a bee
the black superman

Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah was beginning to realize that he has got a fight on his hands .  Efforts to rattle Serba Dinamik in Feb 2020, READ : Media Manipulation : LIE  has now seen 13 per cent of the company being held by an X.

Not only have they gone for broke,  they have to kill,  and  Serba Dinamik's Muhammad  will have to fight like the black superman himself Muhammad  Ali to win  this fight or  Mold Abdul Karim can opt out or cash out.  As we know he choose the black superman.