Wednesday 1 September 2021

KPMG : REPEAT offender!!!

is the third single from the Rifles , which topped the UK indie charts some 16 years ago, making it the British group's biggest hit to-date.

Yes folks we have a REPEAT OFFENDER  in our midst.  

Nothing unfazes this REPEAT OFFENDER.   I must say despite all the negativity about them, they are still sitting on TOP of the WORLD.

PETRONAS,  thank you for  VIEW ; The MERDEKA ADD , though coming from you,  we must take it with a large dose of salt.

If you really mean what you say, why is it KPMG is still your auditor. ?

Let's throw the Government's RM4.5 billion suit against KPMG aside and agree that let justice takes its course.

But my dear Petronas, what about KPMG's silence when the rakyat needed a voice, any voice to stop the repeated RAPE of 1MDB? 

It will be after Hollywood produced a movie about it, a book on 1MDB became a global best seller and a change in Government,  KPMG, would take the role of GOD and regulator by admitting that it's work with 1MDB  cannot be used.

NEVER did KPMG say sorry to 30 million Malaysians for not have the testicle to do the right thing, and for defending 1MDB for so many years.


PETRONAS, do the right thing. Stand with the RAKYAT and show KPMG the exit door . 

KPMG's reputation is in tatters world wide .   READ :KPMG accused of supplying ‘false and misleading’ data to FRC.

Now don't you pretend that when you wake in the morning
Your lying to yourself it will happen again
Repeated offender you should come with a warning
It's embarrassing for all of your friends

Considering that KPMG had identified some Petronas linked entiry as potential red flags in Serba Dinamik... What is KPMG trying to IMPLY?

And by the way, Securities Commision, are you sure you can trust KPMG ?  

Despite all the hundreds of millions of Ringgit  being branded by KPMG on Serba Dinamik  Bhd, I have NOT READ A SINGLE SENTENCE THAT ACTUAL HARD CASH  HAD VANISHED INTO THIN AIR.

Why is that so? So how now you Brown Cow???