Saturday 4 September 2021

Malaysia Get Ready. Here We Go AGAIN

is a song from the Queen of  Soul  herself Aretha Louise Franklin.  

Stop wasting my time
Here we go again
It's the same old song
You're thinking you're gon' do me
Like the other ones before, baby
Here we go again
It's the same old song
Ooh, straighten up your act

Now that the Queen of Soul has said her bit,  Malaysians fasten your seat belt please, because HERE WE GO AGAIN. 

Anyway that is Aziz Bari's view. But there may also be alternative views that might be valid as well. 

But WHO CARES ABOUT VIEWS when we all know READAgong titah PM baharu segerakan usul undi percaya.

The powers of an Attorney General are enormous,  but the AG  is not an elected member of the parliment.  

While many have criticized the Attorney  General  rightfully so, I believe they have misses the larger picture,  that being  the AG only gives an opinion when asked.

So who asked the AG?  If nobody had asked the AG and he had shot his mouth,  then clearly the AG has overstepped  common etiquette  and should be removed but if somebody within the Government  had asked his opinion,  then the AG is merely doing his job.

Talk in town is the A Sarawak Report some weeks ago,  may not have been far off and far fetched. READ ; The Borneo Gambit.

Ismail Sabri will not have 100 days to review how effective his bloated  cabinet is,  that grace period,  it seems expired on READ: On This Day Sept 4th 2021 : Muhyiddin Yassin appointed as as the National Recovery Council chairman.

About 20 months ago, Tun Dr Mahathir told us, that Malaysia needs the very best to serve in the cabinet if we ate to survive Covid 19 in one piece.  WE IGNORED HIM.

Last week,  two of his fiercest  critics Bloomberg and the Washington  Post grudgingly admitted that Tun Mahathir  drew the Covid 19 financial playbook 23 years before its time.

Yes, Tun has done some dumb stuff in recent years, and  yes Tun also messed up Anwar Ibrahim,  and yes politically Tun is a sly old fox who might go back on his words.

Even at 94,  Tun has foresight . What he saw 20 months ago, only now these dungus are seeing.

 Above all,  Tun has never failed to deliver prosperity  for all of us.  Better the devil we know than the angel we don't... so  pass the ball lah to 94,  the Flawed Moses of Malayia .