Tuesday 28 September 2021

The 65 million Ringgit Man : Night Fever

topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic in 1977 as the theme from the motion picture heralded  the Bee Gees to the A list. 

NIGHT FEVER is what we have as the HORSE TRADING has begun in  the final hours before Serba Dinamik's audited results are out.

What is in the public sphere as fact and not fiction is that Serba Dinamik's Co founder Awang Daud Awang Putera shares were fore sold  due to margin calls to minuet levels and that indeed  READ :  13 per cent of Serba Dinamik taken out in less than 60 minuets

WHAT is NOT YET in the  very public domain is the 

Listen to the ground
There is movement all around
There is something goin' down

And I can feel it
On the waves of the air
There is dancin' out there
It's somethin' we can't share
We can't steal it

EMERGENCE of the 65 million ringgit man who now owns 170 million (4.8 per cent) SERBA DINAMIK shares at a cost of above 33 sen  and below 38 sen a share .

Effectively  by only taking the large trades into account, A man, a group or even a Provident Fund  now secretly control some 17 per cent of Serba Dinamik, all broken into blocks of less than 5 per cent,  which would force a disclosure.