Saturday 11 September 2021

The History of I : Same Old Song & Dance.

is a song written by Steven Tyler & Joe Perry as the lead single for their band of hard rockers Aerosmith's second  studio album Get Your Wings in 1974.

Muhyiddin Yassin is now trying to rebrand and get BERSATU its wings as a READOur politics is politics of service and care, to serve Malaysians regardless of race and religion

Well if Bersatu was so service oriented , why did the people READ ; Have to ask other People for HELP.

For what it's worth, apart from the politics of the past 20 months, Muhyiddin Yassin will go down in History for creating a multitudes of I, while the Government locked down the mostly non export oriented businesses.

It's the same old story
Same old song and dance, my friend
It's the same old story, same old story
Same old song and dance
Fate comes a-knockin'
Doors start lockin'

YES, we the people had to tap into our own money or borrow money from friends not because we have bad habits, but  because we were cursed with a set of people who governed badly.

Thus,  we have had  I Lestari, I Sinar and I Citra from Muhyiddin Yassin's  so called service oriented  politics. 

I believe, this is the only country in the world withdrawing your own money is CONSIDERED A SERVICE YOU MUST BE GRATEFUL  TO THE RULING  POLITICIAN.

If my guess is right, Ismail Sabri will go along the same path in the LOOMING budget session, and the so called person in charge of finance Tengku Zafrul  will make the announcement .

I expect them to come out with another I package (valued atleast around RM20,000 per account holder) that will likely kick start in either December 2021 or January 2020.

And with that, another chance to ROLL OUT A NEW DEAL FOR MALAYSIA will be missed by a MILE  and instead the history of the I will live to tell yet another TALE.