Wednesday 1 September 2021

The Story of Serba Dinamik Is being TOLD. The TR Plan : We will NOT go DOWN without a FIGHT

is a single from Michael Heart,  the record producer turned singer.  It was the sole single released from his Unsolicited Material album in 2009.

UNSOLICITED, was what Serba Dinamik, then one of the bonafide superstar's of Bursa Malaysia was receiving,  as corporate vultures sensed an easy prey. 

Little did they expect, their arrogance was about to unleash a street fighter.

Debated on who's wrong or right
But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze
We will not go down
In the night, without a fight

Now let me explain why I've named it the TR plan. TR stands for Tajuddin Ramli.

Tajuddin Ramli  has got nothing to do with Serba Dinamik,  and will definitely  not enter the fray as his name has long been soiled in Corporate Malaysia. 

The man is accused as being bailed out and having mis managed Malaysian Airlines to Kingdom come.

Yet there, stands a single document which seems to suggest there is more to this man then we would like to believe.

The government who took away Technology Resources (Celcom) , Malaysia Airlimes, and passed on  Tajuddin  Ramli's flagship headquarters to Atlan  Holdings Bhd , in the end  lost its nerves. READ :   Hutang RM589 juta Tajudin dilupuskan . Eventually  efforts to lay a criminal charge came to naught.

Who is this Tajuddin Ramli and why is he so important to this story ?  BEFOR that one must first anwser the following.

 Richard Branson is a billionaire who enjoys being feted  as trend setting superstar but what if Richard Branson was really a  pop artist, at what level, will we place him at?  

A grade for sure, perhaps at the level of the South Korean K pop Group BTS.  if that were the case, at what level of stardom should a fellow pop artist be , for BTS  to look up to?  Perhaps at the level of  Prince  or Michael  Jackson.

What If I told you Tajuddin  Ramli was such a man a BONAFIDE SUPERSTAR  READ :  Admired by Richard Branson, Tajuddin Ramli has brought Malaysia Airlines from a nobody to one of the biggest in the World without cutting staff strength  AND WE CUT HIM DOWN TO SIZE.

The die was cast when Tajuddin Ramli bought Malaysian Airlines on terms that were not his   READ ; Tajuddin Ramli says he was told to buy Malaysia Airlines at a steep premium to save Malaysia's central bank.

To complete the purchase,  Tajuddin Ramli will end up taking a personal loan to the tune of  RM700 million.  Tun Mahathir's version though was a bit different. Tun Mahathir : Tajuddin is with Najib. Tajuddin is ungrateful.

Back in Sarawak a similar plan was being  mapped out for Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah & Serba Dinamik.  

So what if he is a billionaire, we run this town. if Mohd Abdul Karim had taken the multiple offers on the table, he will be accepted as one of them, &  be wealthier by many folds.

 The down side was that on the day the Fat Lady sings, the thousands of people who rely on Serba Dinamik, will be left out in the cold.


Morever,  the man was being asked to walk against his conscious, values and to go against  his set of believes.

The voices though, were  growing louder and the Englishness of the rowdy king makers was being replaced with raw native anger