Tuesday 28 September 2021


is the third single from singer turned lecturer Najwa Latif released some nine years ago.  On You Tube alone the video has gained an impressive nine million views.

KOSONG :  Are we as a people a ZERO or a big KOSONG in Malay ?. Consider THIS ;

1.  In CHINA, after the discovery of 72 COVID 19 CASES READ : Chinese city orders spas, mahjong salons to shut after COVID-19 case confirmed.

Kau melihat diriku seperti sesuatu
Yang mencabar dirimu akal dan mindamu
Kau mendustaiku
Kau bilang mereka tak tahu
Siapa diriku sedangkan kau juga begitu
Segala kata cacian
Yang telah engkau berikan
Membuatku rasa kosong, kosong
Setiap tutur diperhatikan
Kau cari cara putar belitkan
Kau jadikan diriku kosong

IN Malaysia, just because READ : Malaysia records 10,959 new Covid-19 cases today  we will be opening up READ : PUSAT URUT BADAN BOLEH BEROPERASI MULAI OCTOBER.

AND to top up it up to perhaps prove to the Chinaman from the mainland, that they are not Asia's  largest and biggest women users and gamblers, 0UR country  has seen now READ ; PAS which is part of the rulling Government telling party members not to over react because the number off lucky draws have been increased

YET Ismail Sabri, who became the Prime Minister  with Muhyiddin Yassin's back now want us to BELIEVE READ ; In 1555 days time the average Malaysian household will earn RM10k a MONTH

3. We will indeed be THE BIGGEST KOSONG IN THE WORLD if  Tengku Zafrul on Budget day next month says there is a NEW EPF WITHDRAWAL SCHEME OR AMEND THE CURRENT I CITRA SCHEME.

The rationale is simple if you feel the people really need it then do it now., WHY WAIT FOR BUDGET DAY UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING TO THE GALLERY FOR VOTES.


I have written a couple of times on how it is in Malaysia's best interest to have a Vaccine Mandate.  KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN should go a step further and demand a Vaccine mandate for ALL.

The guy is spot on. By merely having  an Independent Police Complaints of Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is AKIN to lynching the police force by those living in ivory towers.  Any reform of the police force must come with a massive improvements in salary, benefits and housing. I am not sure if they still practice this in Colombo, but when I was there a couple of decades ago I noticed that even if you violate a very minor traffic rule, the police will immediately issue a summon . NO SUCH THING AS BANG RM50 boleh kah?  The reason for that was the officer who issues the summons, will receive from the government a certain percentage of the summons once its paid. 
THE moral of this story is don't treat people like a BIG KOSONG by just weilding a stick. If you truly want people to behave give them enough carrots and only then show the stick when they misbehave.