Saturday 4 September 2021

Wee Ka Siong, sama PM Bersatu tu boleh lah. Sama PM dari UMNO boleh kah? Bagaikan Langit Berhati Hitam

is a remake from Dalia Farhana that first appeared  as a sleepeer remotely modest  Malay Malay hit  on  You Tube,  only to be turned Into a monster of a hit by Tik Tok early this year.

Under the former Bersatu Prime Minister,  Wee Ka Siong was  certainly the main man at the Transport  Ministry .  

Even when Muhyiddin was PM,  majority of the senior  ministers  felt that the National Cabotage  Policy  inherited from the Pakatan Harapan served the nation's  broader interest.

Wee changed it anyway.  . I previously wrote READ : The Trillion Dollar Companies Tried But Failed To Meet Muhyiddin

REUTERS  now  reports READTrillion Dollar Companies Wrote to PM, change the National Cabotage Policy To What It Was Before Wee

Talam dua muka
Yg mencari aku bila ada yang perlu
Lalu kau pergi tinggalkan diriku
Bila sudah jumpa kawan baru.

I do believe that a reversal is in order and I believe that Ismail Sabri understands the ground better than most people give him credit for.

If the reversal does take place, then it surely must be a case of Waktu banjir, ikan makan semut dan waktu banjir surut, semut yang makan ikan.

Hmm when I put it that way,  looks like If there is a reversal  Wee must be honourable and  resign. Will he?