Saturday 11 September 2021

Khairy Jamaluddin . SAMPAI BILA?

is a song from Ahyuz.  Khairy Jamaluddin is said to be the best minister among the pool of sub standards that we have before us.

The truth is Khairy Jamaluddin  is nothing more than a dud. The dud who got most of us vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccinREAD ;Those vaccinated with Sinovac CANNOT travel to US or Europe

Let the past be the past. And zoom in on the present. Already a grown old man Khairy Jamaluddin  has said READ ; Accepting Covid-19 as endemic should not be viewed as admitting defeat to the pandemic,

Saving lives is NOT a sport, it is NOT about winning or losing, it is what it is ; Saving Lives.

Khairy jamaluddin says that Malaysia will be moving on to the endemic stage. Sadly because the quality is so low, we will be entering the endemic stage without a MANDATE.

When will Khairy Jamaluddin  learn that without a mandate, one which must be given heavy airtime on TV and Radio,  going into the endemic stage  is just another word from the dictionary.

Must have a MANDATE either everyone MUST be vaccinated or be compelled to go for daily testing to be borne  financually by themselves or they cannot leave their homes

Sampai Bila
Sampai bila mahu, sampai bila
Sampai bila lagi mahu hina
Jadi mahu kajj sampai bila?

READ : President Joe Biden's new Covid vaccine mandates and the FED UP vaccinated MAJORITY