Wednesday 22 September 2021

The Story of Serba Dinamik is Being Told : Communication

is a song from Spandau Ballet's  TRUE album in 1983,  which finally allowed the group to break into the American and non European  markets.

Any good PR will tell you that there are many ways to surpass the truth but eventually the truth will come out.

Communication always leaves me incomplete
The grass is greener but it's grown beneath my feet
Love inspiration is a message on a wing
But I have left it in the words you'll never sing
Communication let me down.

The war for the hearts and minds on who is right and who is wrong in Serba Dinamik strangely  is not a war being fought in the internet world by those who are interested in taking over the company. 

The agent provacator though who is financing this war is a party so afraid that they have been caught making the wrong call. 

From day one,  I have asserted that fraud cannot just suddenly  happen  when we are taking about billions. Rather it would have happened  over a long time.

And if you had lied to the regulators,  one can still be nailed .READ :KPMG accused of lying

Which is why you are now seeing a lot of comments on i3investor at unusual  hours way after trading  from almost the same set of users. 

SOMEBODY  IS GETTING VERY NERVOUS and wants to bury Serba Dinamik even before  EY can vindicate the company ..I WONDER WHY????