Tuesday 14 September 2021

Man in the Mirror. She will be free...

is a Texas country band who became famous for a single that never charted but its powerfull lyrics  about forced prositution and abuse overtime won over the world.

And she will be free,
Like the leaves floating in the wind, and the stream.
She will not be bound, by anything that tries to drag her down.
Oh, and all that girl wants to be is loved.
And her heart is a river in my blood.

Recently, as most of us are aware of there was this case READ ; Australia Police Finds World's Most Wanted Paedophile In Rural Sarawak After 14 Years

The sad part is this is not the first time a major WEIRDO has been operating on our shores READ ;Richard Huckle given 22 life sentences for abuse of Malaysian children

If we need to have a special force within the Police Force with specific KPI's we should do it ASAP