Friday 8 July 2022

Annuar Musa : Cakap Ke Tangan.

is a single released in 2017 by Stacy, a  former Akademi  Fantasia winner.  The video todate has some  2.6 million view on You Tube .

Ting-ting kuatnya tin kosong berbunyi
Kata engkau tak bermakna
Langsung tak bererti
Buka mata sampai tertutup mata
Asyik nak membebel selalu Membebel selalu
Kau banyak mulut 

ANNUAR  MUSA,   talking about  effective communication must have even the children  laughing.  READ ; All ministries must improve strategic communications - Annuar

EFFECTIVELY,  Annuar Musa is an  INEFFECTIVE  communicator  which is why July 8 has lapsed but neither have Maxis,  Digi,  Celcom  and U Mobile started advertising 5G services. READ; Everything will be concluded by July 8, Annuar Musa assures Malaysia on telco commitment to 5G in Malaysia