Monday 18 July 2022

Inai Kiara's TWO billion Ringgit Man : We Built This House On A Rock

is a single taken from what should have been the Scorpions last album,  the 2015 released Return To Forever,  to mark the band's 50th year in the world of Rock N Roll.

BACK in  the 1990's,  there was just one man standing against Malaysia's dredging ambitions from turning into a cash sucking nightmare like Perwaja Steel,  and  Proton.

IF not for this man, most likely we would have a national dredging company,  hounded with billions of ringgit in  debts and multiple bailouts,  and perhaps too,  the creation  of a few billionaires on public money .

Now and again it's always us
Against the world, against the world
When the rain fell and the flood came
And the wind blew hard like a hammer on these walls
We didn't crack or break or fall
We built this house on a rock, on a rock

THAT man is Captain Gulzar Mohamad Noor Mohamed ,  who decided very early on that every sen earned will be reinvested  back into Malaysia  for Malaysians.

NO, Captain Gulzar Mohamad Noor Mohamed did not become a billionaire,  nor did he become a millionaire with hundreds of millions in his bank account.  As a matter of  fact his son had to start working  right after SPM.  READ : From SPM To Captain, The Long Road Taken

AS a thank you for all his efforts,  DAP's Anthony Loke tried to finish off Inai Kiara. GO FIGURE!!!