Wednesday 20 July 2022

Mat Kilau, Tolong Kami Dari : Manusia Setengah Dewa

is from, the singer named by the Rolling Stones magazine as one of the immortals, none other than the poet singer Iwan Fals,. taken from his 2014 album of the same name.

TOO many nearing middle age politicians with fringe economic train of thoughts have made it to the main stream of the corridors of power.

ONE of the reasons Sri Lanka went bust was because like minded people like the duo above thought they could print their way out of trouble.

THERE have been some reports that Malaysia too may have printed it's fair share of money. The central bank or Finance Minister should either confirm or deny the report. READ : RM1.9 trillion printed???

OBVIOUSLY, Malaysia no longer attracts the right type of talent into politics, leaving us with politicians, whose actions  no longer make sense to the common man

Peraturan yang sehat yang kami mau
Turunkan harga secepatnya
Berikan kami pekerjaan
Tegakkan hukum setegak-tegaknya
Adil dan tegas tak pandang bulu

WE lack competent politicians at a time when the world,. It's populace and the economy is living dangerously .

HOWELSE can one explain the following contradiction.  READ : Dewan to focus today on govt plans to postpone, cancel new projects

SOUNDS very responsible, but how can it be when this same bunch happily increase their own salary...What type of belt tightening strategy is this or perhaps this is how working class Malaysia is being mocked