Tuesday 26 July 2022

Serba Dinamik :. There is more than the eye can see

topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts back in 1967. The single is from Al Martino who is often described as one of the greatest Italian American pop crooners of all time.

THERE definitely is more than the eye can see in the case of Serba Dinamik, and this  train of thought has been fortified by creditors overwhelming  support for its debt restructuring exercise .

There's more than the eye can see
You've got more that gets to me
Deep inside you lies
wonderful surprise

ITS one thing massaging your accounts to pull the wool over the public eye,.but it's a whole new different ball game trying to fool suspicious hard nose bankers the second time around.  READ :  Creditors vote in favour of Serba Dinamik's scheme of arrangement.

NOW that creditors are satisfied after doing their own due diligence that your assets are as good as you say, don't you think that common logic will dictate that those assets can also earn as much as you claim?

PERHAPS Serba Dinamik's  mistake was they merely brought forward some of their earnings,. which is not a crime in accounting terms and that the real crime was that after the company refused to buy a certain dockyard at an inflated price,. somebody wanted the group to be broken up into piece....