Saturday 30 July 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin' we have had this experience since 1909 : Drama KING

is the haunting pop song from Meet Uncle Hussein featuring Black.  The song was released in 2020 to very positive response. 

KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN,  would have never made it in politics if not for who he got married to. And too drive the point deeper into our souls, we now forced to keep a straight face .

THAT smoking act, the generational game changer has politicians so spooked that they have stopped  thinking, fearful that doing so might lead them to reject Khairy Jamaluddin's waste of time.

Sampai bila
Kau mahu tersesat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh muslihat
Mahkotamu Raja Drama
Kau masih berpura-pura
Kata-katamu hanya propaganda

WE have had this experience  since 1909, and it always ends the same way .. wasted time, wasted money, wasted resources.  READ : In 1909, Coco Cola Nearly Got Killed, Not For The Cocaine but for caffeine on claims it is poison and a habit-forming drug

THERE are countless literature on real life case studies that show what Khairy Jamaluddin is proposing will mirror  himself,  a complete failure.   Where is Khairy's literature that this will work? No where in sight .