Saturday 30 July 2022

Dial V for Vanquished or V For Victory. Axiata Group Bhd',: Berdamai Dengan Diri Mu Sendiri

is the smash hit from Tulus this year, from the album Manusia. Upon release,  the video for the single notched a strong 16 million views on You Tube .

CURIOUS  minds seldom  cannot logically understand why Axiata Celcom is standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of U Mobile and Maxis.

ALTHOUGH,  I am against their point of view when it comes to 5G, I can understand the rationale behind Maxis and U Mobile's  fear of  5G  under Digital Nasional Bhd.

TAKE for instance,  the threat that eventually Maxis and U Mobile will face from the MVNO's . READ :  MCMC in favour of a free for all , with no restrictions on MVNOs in Our 5G World

Kau terlalu berharga untuk luka
Katakan pada dirimu
Semua baik-baik saja
Bila lelah menepilah
Hayati alur napasmu

AXIATA Celcom is the biggest MVNO player in this land, hence a free for all will benefit the company the most.

SO why then the hostility ?  Is it because lucrative contracts,  and self importance to contractors and suppliers will start fading away,  with Digital National Bhd at centre stage.

IS this self interest, the factual reason for Axiata Celcom's confused ang illogical behaviour?