Thursday 7 July 2022

Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile, Masih : Tak Sedar Diri.

is a single from the street popular FTG, Malaysia' first trash metal band,  who have been around for nearly three decades now.

IF you are unfamiliar  with FTG,  perhaps you are familiar  with this old Malay saying MENJILAT LUDAH SENDIRI.

BECAUSE,  that is EXACTLY what Maxis, DiGi,Celcom and U Mobile, deliriously wish to do,  with one minor adjustment,  namely to falsely potray that a change in the political  environment had delayed the roll out of 5G in Malaysia.

THAT is a nonsense narrative, the truth is there would not have been a Digital Nasional Bhd in the first place if the telcos did not sit on their  fat backsides when the government  offered them a 100 per cent stake to map out 5G.  READ : The Year is 2020 : In line with the independent recommendations, the telcos were asked to form a single consortium among themselves to roll out 5G

Sampai masa melopong
Masih tak sedar diri
Terpekik terlolong
Masih tak sedar diri
Sampai bila begini
Badan dah jadi macam abdi
Cermin-cerminlah diri

TODAY,  when  the telcos finalise the deal to join Digital Nasional Bhd in our common 5G dream, it's best they stop promoting false narratives  or demonise the Finance Minister.  The telcos find themselves in this position  because of their own ego fueled stupidity!!!.