Friday 29 July 2022

Thick As Brick : Look Closer

is song  by BRATZ , an American line of fashion dolls and related merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment

THICK AS BRICK aka Another Brick in the Wall is correct that Ismail Sabri did meet Serba Dinamik's Abdul Karim in Dubai. 

ISMAIL Sabri has his flaws but he is an okay guy.  What is more worrying for me is both the DAP and BERSATU have links with the same stock market syndicate. 

Concealed, will be revealed...
Look closer
Becomes clear
Nothing's the way it seems
Look closer
There's more there
Take time to really see...
Look closer...
In between the lines
More than meets the eye

KENNETH  Vun Yun Lun has been seen in a Bersatu fund raising event,  where Muhyiddin  Yassin  was present. 

KENNETH  Vun Yun Lun had operating interest in Astral Supreme, when the company in 2013 despite not having the required technical experience and know how was given a  RM275 million  contract linked to the Penang Undersea Cable project. READ :  Loss making Astral Supreme's shocking Triumph.